Prescription Eyewear in Fayetteville, NC

Choose style that makes a statement

At Cape Fear Optometric Clinic we know frames are more than just functional. Your glasses make a statement about your personal style. Get the perfect fashion accessory for your eyes with our selection of designer frames including Ray Ban, Vera Bradley, Banana Republic and more.

Our dedicated staff provides comprehensive eye care for Fayetteville, North Carolina. We keep our facilities current with the latest technology, ensuring you receive the best eye care services affordably including the latest and best frames and lenses. Let our well trained staff help you find the right eyeglass frames to enhance your image and express your personal style. For your coloring, your wardrobe and your personality, we've got stylish eyeglass frames sure to fit you and your budget perfectly.

We will help you assess your frames for the three glasses essentials: comfort, strength, and looking great!
Designer Frames in Fayetteville, NC


Ask us about which frames are best for you.
  • Women's frames
  • Men's frames
  • Unisex frames
  • Children's frames
  • Safety frames
  • Sport frames
  • Fashion sunglasses


See great as well as look great with our high-quality eyeglass lens options.
  • Transition lenses

    Do you switch frequently between indoor and outdoor settings? Rather than constantly switching between your glasses and sunglasses, transition lenses automatically adjust to the lighting level around you, darkening as you go out into the sun and clearing when you return to lower light levels.
  • Digital Lenses

    Also known as high-definition lenses, these high-powered eyeglass lenses give you better than 20/20 vision. If you deal in detail or experience certain vision aberrations, you may benefit from the crystalline sharpness of vision offered by digital lenses.
  • Polarised Lenses

    Polarised lenses provide full, 100% protection from UV rays and neutralize sun glare that causes eye strain. These lenses are perfect for outdoor and water enthusiasts and anyone with light sensitivity.
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