Contact Lenses

View the World with No Filter

Get freedom from you glasses with the latest in contact lens innovation. The science of contacts is constantly improving, making them clearer and more comfortable than ever. Ask our licensed optometrist if switching to contact lenses would be the best option for you.

Let our trained specialists find the best contacts to fit your needs. We can fit patients with gas permeable, 2-week wear or monthly wear lenses.

Contact Lens Benefits

Are you tired of seeing the world through smudged lenses? Sick of switching between your prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses? Contact lenses could be the solution to your eyewear headaches.

There are many benefits to making the switch from glasses to contact lenses. Say goodbye to heavy frames resting on your nose and ears. Get your peripheral vision back. While glasses can leave your side vision blurry, contacts give you full vision coverage without edges or a ring around your vision. Contacts won't fog up when it rains, after a warm shower, or when you open the oven. You won't have to purchase special prescription sunglasses for outdoor activities. You can play sports without worrying about your glasses falling off and breaking.
Most people are glad they made the switch. Call us today to give contacts a try.